There are a lot of things that can be done using the Adobe Photoshop editor. It comes pregnant with loads of operations, functions, and modifications that can be easily incorporated into the files and documents created by us. Using this is very simple. All the user has to do is just download the Adobe Photoshop application from the internet and once this is done he or she will see this as a toolbar to the left of their screen. Now, with this they can do coloring, drawing, painting and, many others, all that is required to make a particular image or a painting look better and enhanced. Let`s now take a deeper look at each of these various different tools offered by this editor:

  • Pen – this pen on this editor is a little different what the pen is in your hands do. These magnetic pens on this editor are mainly used to create paths in a given picture or an image. They draw lines and make paths for the picture. By making paths, the magnetic pen actually draws an outline on the entire picture trying to isolate a particular thing from it. These are of great help when a particular portion of a picture is to be cut, edited and replaced in the same place after making some modifications to it. This is very similar to the cut, copy, paste options that we use in our MS office but a little advanced than them.
  • Clone stamp tool – this is a very useful tool presented to us by the Adobe Photoshop. This tool can be used for duplicating objects or images. When this tool is used either part of an image, or the entire image itself can be duplicated and attached to another image or document.
  • Selection tool- this is another very important tool by this editor wherein a particular part of the picture can be selected for performing the cut, copy, edit and retouching options. This comes in handy when you feel that just a small portion or part of a picture is actually ruining the look of the picture and hence with this tool you can set things right in place.