Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 14.29.51 (ATRESMEDIA)

ATRESMEDIA is the leading Media Group in Spain and Seestrena is their official web channel specializing in movies. WORK TASKS: Creative Copywriter & Community Manager


Sakharov Prize 2016. UE

The European Parliament wants a poster of Denis Mukwege for the Sakharov Prize 2016. SOLUTION: A top view of an african village is the face of Denis / Concept Creator.


Credit card extra. Beobank

Promote a credit card with extra features and things inside. SOLUTION: Half card, half can… Inside of it you can find everything! / Concept Creator.


TV sponsor for MasterChef

Beobank  tv sponsor for Masterchef Belgium. WORK TASK: Art director+graphic.


‘Hawaii’, 2017

A film by Jesus del Cerro, played by Cristina Flutur (Best Actress Award at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival    ), Dragos Bucur, Andi Vasluianu. WORK TASK: Photographer+Press.


Language courses. CLL

CLL Language Center wants to promote in september new courses. SOLUTION: Typical quotes of the country change into motivational learn quotes. WORK TASK: art+concept+graphic+copy.



Changi Airport wants to change the idea “airport is boring” and attract more people.   SOLUTION = EVENT All the guest will be Tom Hanks for a day and live in the airport everything payed. We will ...


I. portraits.

(Del día en que estallé y salieron ríos de mi cuerpo que eran trozos de tí)


Lysmåler Magazine


II. Nos estamos deshaciendo



III. De cuando tuve frío y miedo (y pensé que las cosas no podian ir peor)

…De cuando revele mi interior para vomitar lo que era, olvidar lo que fui y poder perdonarte.


IV. Collage


V. People